Avoiding loss of life from freight tracks at Ludhiana’s Jagraon railway station.

ByTV10 Punjab

Jan 13, 2024
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Edited by: Sandeep Dhand
13 January 2024
Ludhiana/Jagraon .

In Ludhiana, a significant railway incident unfolded at Jagraon station when a goods train experienced a derailment around midnight. The mishap occurred during shunting operations, resulting in two wheels of the empty freight train coming off the track as the guard released the brakes. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, averting potential disaster.

Immediate response teams, including officials from the ART and other departments, diligently worked for approximately 4-5 hours to restore the train to its proper position. The incident prompted a temporary halt to subsequent train services, ensuring the safety of passengers and railway infrastructure.

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The freight train, en route from Ludhiana to Ferozepur, was carrying no cargo, minimizing the impact on the tracks. The loco pilot’s swift action in halting the train prevented further damage.

Officials have compiled a detailed report on the incident, outlining the sequence of events and the subsequent remedial measures taken. This comprehensive report has been submitted to local authorities for thorough investigation and analysis.

Despite the disruption, the overall damage to the tracks was minimal, and the incident serves as a testament to the swift response and expertise of the emergency crews involved. The temporary suspension of train services was a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and integrity of the railway system.