Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to be Presented Before Trial Court by ED

ByTV10 Punjab

Mar 23, 2024
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National Desk
22 March
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a significant development, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, representing the Enforcement Directorate (ED), informed the Supreme Court that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s petition has been withdrawn from the apex court. Consequently, Mehta stated that Kejriwal would now be presented before the trial court by the ED for remand proceedings.

Mehta disclosed that he had advised the ED against producing Kejriwal before the trial court while his petition was pending in the Supreme Court. However, with Kejriwal’s withdrawal of the plea from the top court, Mehta affirmed that the ED would proceed with presenting him before the trial court as per legal protocol.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 23 at 1.25.09 AM

The developments come amidst heightened scrutiny and legal proceedings surrounding Kejriwal, whose arrest has sparked controversy and debate across political circles. The decision to withdraw the plea from the Supreme Court signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal saga, potentially shaping the trajectory of the case moving forward.

As the legal proceedings unfold, all eyes remain fixed on the trial court’s proceedings and the subsequent actions undertaken by the ED. The outcome of these proceedings is poised to have far-reaching implications on Kejriwal’s legal standing and political future, underscoring the gravity of the situation at hand.