Farmers Face Hardships in 13th February 2024 Protest, Seek Resolution

ByTV10 Punjab

Feb 15, 2024
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14 February
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Sandeep Dhand (Ludhiana)

In a turbulent turn of events on 13th February 2024, the second round meeting held in Chandigarh failed to reach a conclusion, prompting farmer leaders to declare the Kisan Andolan 2.0 (Delhi Chalo). As farmers marched towards the Punjab-Haryana border, clashes ensued with tear gas shells, rubber bullets, and SLR bullets causing injuries to around 80-90 protesters.

The confrontation began around Afternoon 12 PM on February 13 and with tear gas raining down continuously throughout the night. Despite the challenges, farmers persisted in their peaceful protest. The following day saw a repeat of tear gas shelling, prompting farmers to devise creative ways to mitigate its impact.

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Farmers took to the sky with kites to bring down a drone surveilling the protest, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. The drone’s interference posed challenges for the protesters, who sought relief from the constant tear gas exposure.

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SLR Bullet

Kisan Andolan 2.0 is driven by the concept of farmers’ demand for Minimum Support Price ( MSP) and some old demands. Many farmers also participated in this Kisan 2.0 movement. No concrete steps are being taken to address the long standing concerns of the aggrieved farmers and their supporting agricultural community. Maybe because of this, the exodus of farmers towards Delhi can be said to be right.