Government Grants Autonomy to Municipal Corporation Group-B Employees for Salary Increases

ByTV10 Punjab

Feb 4, 2024
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3 February
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a significant relief for municipal corporation employees, the government has decided to decentralize the authority for approving salary increases for Group-B employees at the local level. This pivotal decision overturns a previous directive issued by the Principal Secretary of the Local Body Department on October 4 last year, which mandated that salary increase approvals for Group-A and B employees in Municipal Corporations must be sought at the government level.

The initial directive faced resistance from employee unions, arguing that Group-B matters, such as the A.C.P. Scheme or X India Leave cases, are traditionally handled at the government level. The government has heeded this concern, leading to a modified approach.

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Under the new arrangement, while decisions related to the salary increase or annual promotions for Group-A employees will continue to be made at the government level, the government has granted autonomy to municipal commissioners to approve salary increases for Group-B employees. This move aims to alleviate the burden on employees who previously had to navigate bureaucratic processes in the Chandigarh office.

The revised decision ensures that Group-B employees will no longer be required to visit the Chandigarh office for salary increase approvals, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency. The Principal Secretary of the Local Bodies has issued a fresh notification outlining the updated procedures, marking a positive shift in the governance approach.

This move reflects the government’s commitment to responsive governance, acknowledging and addressing the concerns raised by employee unions. It is expected to create a more efficient and accessible system for municipal corporation employees, particularly those in Group-B, as they navigate promotions and salary adjustments at the local level