PM Modi Criticizes Opposition’s ‘One Year, One PM’ Formula at Election Rally

ByTV10 Punjab

Apr 25, 2024
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WebDesk National
24 April
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lambasted the opposition coalition ‘India’ for reportedly mulling over a ‘one year, one PM’ formula to address its leadership dilemma. Speaking at an election rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Harda, Modi ridiculed the proposed arrangement, warning that such instability would invite global ridicule upon the world’s largest democracy.

Modi questioned voters whether they were willing to endure five different prime ministers in five years, labeling the opposition’s strategy as a perilous game, with the Congress at its forefront. He contrasted the BJP’s clarity on leadership with the alleged ambiguity within the ‘India’ alliance, urging transparency regarding their choice for the country’s helm.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 25 at 9.32.33 AM

Accusing the opposition of engaging in a reckless pursuit of power, Modi cautioned against leaders harboring unrealistic ambitions akin to fictional character ‘Mungerilal Ke Sapne.’ He highlighted the Congress’s announcement of providing reservation to Muslims under OBC category in Karnataka, criticizing it as a violation of the constitutional principle barring religious-based reservation.

Modi vehemently opposed the Congress’s alleged exploitation of secularism for vote bank politics, asserting that such actions undermine the essence of social justice enshrined in the Constitution. He called upon OBC communities nationwide to remain vigilant against attempts to dilute their rights for political gain.

The Prime Minister’s remarks underscored the escalating political tensions ahead of the upcoming elections, with competing visions for governance and leadership dominating the electoral discourse. As the campaign intensifies, Modi’s critique of the opposition’s strategy sets the stage for a spirited electoral contest marked by ideological divergence and strategic maneuvering.