Tensions Rise as Rahul Gandhi Denied Entry to Assam Temple; Congress Alleges Political Interference

ByTV10 Punjab

Jan 22, 2024
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Edited By : Sandeep Dhand

WebDesk ( Ludhiana)

22 January 2024

In a dramatic turn of events, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi faced denial of permission to visit the revered Sri Sri Shankar Dev Satra Temple in Assam’s Bordua, sparking a political firestorm. Gandhi, on a pilgrimage before initiating his Bharat Jodo Nyan Yatra, was halted at Habergaon, 20 km from the temple, by local authorities who refused entry, citing security concerns.

Expressing his discontent, Gandhi questioned whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi would dictate who could visit the temple and when. The situation escalated as Congress leaders, including the former party president, staged a dharna in protest. The Congress Seva Dal chief, Lalji Desai, condemned the incident as ‘shameful’ and labeled it as an affront to democracy.

Despite assurances from officials that Gandhi would be allowed entry at 3 pm, the heightened security and road blockades around the temple persisted. Only the local MP and MLA were permitted beyond Habergaon, with even the media team facing restrictions.

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Women leaders of the Congress protested the denial of entry into the temple, adding fuel to the political turmoil. Gandhi, visibly frustrated, questioned the police about the reasons behind the obstruction.

Desai took a strong stance, asserting that it was unfortunate for the Prime Minister to decide who could worship and when. He claimed, “Until the Prime Minister prays in Ayodhya, nobody is allowed to pray anywhere.” Desai decried the perceived erosion of democratic values, stating, “Now the government will decide when people will pray in temples.”

The incident adds to the growing tensions between political factions in Assam, raising concerns about the perceived influence of political figures over religious practices. As the Congress leaders continue their protest, the situation remains fluid, with the temple’s sanctity becoming a focal point in the ongoing political discourse.

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