Unruly Passenger Assaults Pilot on IndiGo Flight Amidst Flight Delays in North India

ByTV10 Punjab

Jan 15, 2024
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15 january 2024


Chaos ensued on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa as a male passenger assaulted a pilot, adding to the challenges posed by dense fog that grounded flights across North India on Sunday. The incident occurred on flight 6E-2175, which was scheduled to depart at 7:40 am but eventually left at 6 pm due to poor weather conditions.

A video posted on Instagram captured the moment when a passenger, wearing a yellow hoodie and seated in 28F, attacked the pilot who was making an announcement about the flight status. In response, a female flight attendant intervened, pushing the unruly passenger away and warning against assaulting the crew. The passenger, upon 2022 11largeimg 2142623813 DMQm4Cbeing deplaned by CISF personnel, apologized, and an investigation into the incident is underway.

In addition to a police investigation, the airline will conduct an inquiry under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) regulations for handling unruly passengers. The pilot-in-command has filed a complaint, and an Internal Committee constituted by the airline will determine the category level of the unruly passenger and the duration of a potential flying ban, with the decision expected within 30 days.

Aviation industry veterans and passengers have expressed diverse views on social media. Former airline executive Capt. Shakti Lumba questioned the practice of pilots making announcements from the cabin, while air safety expert Capt. Amit Singh emphasized the importance of locking the cockpit door for security reasons.

The incident occurred amidst widespread flight disruptions caused by low visibility and dense fog in North India, affecting airports such as Delhi and Mumbai. IndiGo, in a statement, cited cascading effects on its operations and communicated efforts to keep passengers informed about delays and cancellations. Meanwhile, passengers shared mixed opinions, with some expressing frustration over communication issues and flight delays, while others condemned the assault on the pilot.

As authorities investigate the assault and the airline grapples with the aftermath, the incident underscores the challenges faced by the aviation industry during adverse weather conditions and the importance of ensuring passenger safety and security.