Congress Leaders Strategize for Upcoming Elections in Amritsar Lok Sabha Constituency

ByTV10 Punjab

Jan 30, 2024
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30 January 2024
Sandeep Dhand (Ludhiana).

In a significant gathering led by Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Amarinder Singh Raja Waring, leaders and workers from 9 assembly constituencies within the Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency convened at the Congress rural office. Notable figures, including Opposition leader Pratap Singh Bajwa and Pradesh Congress in-charge Devendra Yadav, actively participated in the meeting.

The session aimed to gather suggestions from Congress workers, former councilors, and ward presidents, fostering a dialogue about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. During the discussions, Navdeep Singh Sona, Majitha Constituency Block President and Councilor, urged party leaders to maintain discipline, warning of potential disciplinary actions against those who deviate.

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However, when Devendra Yadav broached the topic of an agreement with the Aam Aadmi Party, workers vehemently protested, expressing their unwillingness to accept such an accord. The emphasis throughout the meeting remained on constructive suggestions aligned with the party’s electoral strategy.

Tensions escalated when a leader, notably the former deputy chief minister, recommended a Hindu leader as a candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. A supporter of MP Gurjit Singh Aujla from Attari constituency, recently removed from the position of Block Congress President, accused the leadership of orchestrating a deliberate conspiracy. The meeting was momentarily overshadowed by discussions of potential candidates, prompting a reminder from the stage to focus solely on suggestions without delving into individual tickets or candidates.

It’s worth noting that the absence of former president Navjot Singh Sidhu raised eyebrows. While Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Raja Waring mentioned sending a message to all leaders, the reasons behind Sidhu’s non-participation remained unknown.

Addressing reporters, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee in-charge Davinder Yadav provided insights into the party’s stance. He clarified that nothing was certain regarding an agreement with the Aam Aadmi Party and affirmed the Congress’s intention to contest all 13 seats independently. Regarding the Chief Minister of Punjab, Yadav refrained from responding to his actions, deeming it inappropriate.

As the political landscape heats up in the Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress leaders aim to streamline their strategy, navigating internal discussions and preparing for the crucial upcoming elections.