SKM Demands Apology from Prime Minister for Election Code Violations

ByTV10 Punjab

Jun 7, 2024
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6 June
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

The SKM has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologize for what it claims are continuous violations of the ideal election code. The farmers’ organization has also appealed to the Supreme Court to take action against those who allegedly broke the law during the elections.

In a recent statement, SKM accused Prime Minister Modi and several prominent BJP leaders of spreading “venomous hatred” against India’s major minority community. The organization claimed that these leaders resorted to falsehoods and misused religious faith to gain an electoral advantage. The SKM highlighted that laws should be equal for all citizens, and the Prime Minister is not exempt from this principle.

WhatsApp Image 2024 06 07 at 1.21.49 AM

The farmers’ union criticized the Election Commission for failing to act on their complaints regarding Modi’s alleged misuse of religion and communal propaganda. The SKM argued that the Election Commission’s inaction allowed the continuous incitement of hatred against minorities, which they believe fosters a sense of alienation and insecurity among these communities. This atmosphere, according to the SKM, contributes to the rise of extremist tendencies and undermines India’s secular foundations.

“We have repeatedly demanded the Election Commission to take action against Modi’s misuse of religion and communal propaganda, but our calls have been ignored,” the SKM stated. They expressed concern that the unchecked spread of communal rhetoric by political leaders could have severe consequences for the social fabric of the nation.

The SKM has now turned to the Supreme Court, urging it to take notice of the alleged violations during the election period and to take appropriate action. They emphasized the importance of maintaining the rule of law and ensuring that all citizens, regardless of their status, are held accountable for their actions.

This call from the SKM comes amid growing concerns about the use of religious and communal sentiments in Indian politics, with various civil society groups advocating for stricter enforcement of election laws to preserve the country’s democratic and secular principles.