Supreme Court Labels Farmers’ Protest Issue as ‘Serious’, Cautions Against Sensational Petitions

ByTV10 Punjab

Mar 5, 2024
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WebDesk Delhi
4 March
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a significant development, the Supreme Court has deemed the matter concerning the farmers’ protest as ‘serious’ while cautioning against filing petitions solely for publicity. A bench comprising Justice Surya Kant and Justice KV Viswanathan granted permission to Agnostos Theos, the managing director of the Sikh Chamber of Commerce, to withdraw his petition.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 05 at 9.15.34 AM

The petitioner had challenged the Center and certain states regarding the rights of peacefully demonstrating farmers. However, the court emphasized the need to refrain from filing petitions based solely on newspaper reports, urging a more responsible and substantiated approach to legal matters.

This move by the Supreme Court underscores its commitment to ensuring the credibility and authenticity of legal proceedings, discouraging attempts to sensationalize issues for personal gain. As the farmers’ protest continues to be a focal point of national discourse, the court’s measured response aims to uphold the sanctity of the legal process while addressing the concerns surrounding the rights of those participating in the demonstrations.