Historic Verdict Grants Hindus Right to Worship in Gyanvapi Complex Basement

ByTV10 Punjab

Feb 1, 2024
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National Desk
31 January 2024
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a landmark decision, the Varatsi District Court in Uttar Pradesh has ruled in favor of Hindus, granting them the right to worship in the basement of Vyasji located in the Gyanvapi complex. District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesh presided over the case, affirming the rights of the Hindu community to conduct religious ceremonies in the sacred space.

Madan Mohan Yadav, representing the Hindu side, confirmed the court’s decision and revealed that Shailendra Pathak, the husband of Vyasji, has been bestowed with the responsibility of overseeing the worship. Yadav mentioned that arrangements for the puja will be orchestrated by the administration within the next seven days.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 31 at 11.28.06 PM

According to the Hindu petition, the basement, where worship had been practiced by Somnath Vyasji’s family until November 1993, was abruptly closed during the tenure of the then Mulayam Singh Yadav government. The verdict signifies a significant restoration of religious rights for the Hindu community, allowing them to resume their devotional practices in the historic Gyanvapi complex.

This decision comes after a prolonged legal battle and is expected to bring a sense of joy and relief to the Hindu devotees who have long sought the reopening of the sacred space. The ruling emphasizes the importance of religious freedom and the preservation of cultural heritage in the region.