“Punjab BJP President Criticizes Raghav Chadha’s London Trip; Chief Minister Fires Back”

ByTV10 Punjab

Mar 19, 2024
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18 March
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a recent social media X , the political temperature in Punjab escalated as Punjab Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State President, Mr. Sunil Jakhar, took a swipe at Raghav Chadha, a prominent leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), for his purported trip to London for medical treatment. Mr. Jakhar’s tweet raised eyebrows, questioning the necessity of Chadha’s overseas visit for medical reasons.

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Not one to shy away from confrontation, Punjab’s newly appointed Chief Minister, Sardar Bhagwant Singh Mann, swiftly responded to Jakhar’s remarks. Through a pointed tweet, CM Mann reminded Jakhar to reflect on the values and principles of the political party he represents, indicating that such comments may not align with the broader ethos of the BJP.

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The exchange sparked discussions across party lines, with supporters and critics weighing in on the appropriateness of airing such grievances publicly. Some viewed Jakhar’s criticism as a strategic move to undermine AAP’s leadership, while others saw Mann’s response as a firm defense of his party colleague.

As Punjab gears up for potential political shifts, this online spat underscores the growing tensions and power dynamics within the state’s political landscape. With both sides doubling down on their positions, it remains to be seen how this altercation will influence future political discourse and alliances in Punjab