Tensions Escalate in Haryana as Farmers Clash with Police Over MSP Demands

ByTV10 Punjab

Feb 24, 2024
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23 February
Sandeep Dhand

In a dramatic turn of events, the ongoing farmers’ movement in Haryana intensified as clashes erupted between protesting farmers and the police in village Kheri Chaupatan of Hisar. Seeking legal guarantees on Minimum Support Price (MSP) and other agricultural demands, the farmers, protesting since February 18, attempted to join the agitation at the Khanuri border.

As tensions mounted, the Haryana Police erected barricades to prevent the farmers’ advance. However, in defiance, the protesters demolished the barricades, prompting the police to resort to tear gas and lathi charges. The situation further escalated as farmers retaliated by pelting stones at the police and damaging police vehicles.

WhatsApp Image 2024 02 24 at 7.02.27 AM

Amidst the chaos, around two dozen policemen sustained injuries, and a dozen farmers’ leaders were detained. The clash unfolded after the farmers, led by Suresh Kauth, National President of Bharatiya Kisan Mazdoor Union, issued an ultimatum, demanding the government’s acceptance of their demands by 2 pm on February 23.

Expressing determination, Kauth asserted that the farmers’ struggle would persist until the government accedes to their demands. The incident marks a critical juncture in the ongoing nationwide agitation, with farmers steadfast in their call for agricultural reforms and legal assurances on MSP. The government’s response remains keenly awaited as the standoff between farmers and authorities unfolds in Haryana.