Tensions Rise as Farmers’ March to Delhi Met with Force at Haryana Border

ByTV10 Punjab

Mar 6, 2024
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WebDesk Chandigarh
5 March
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a dramatic turn of events, farmers en route to Delhi to voice their demands face intense opposition at the Haryana border. Heavy forces have sealed the border, employing tactics such as tear gas shells, rubber bullets, and shelling to deter the protesters. Haryana Police, gearing up to counter potential vandalism, has taken a controversial step, initiating the cancellation of passports and visas for identified farmers.

This move has prompted swift legal action, as an application challenging Haryana’s actions has been filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The application argues that the cancellation of passports and visas infringes upon the farmers’ rights, with the Ambala Police utilizing video footage and drones to identify protestors.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 05 at 8.18.21 PM

The High Court has scheduled the next hearing on March 7, coinciding with a petition seeking a ban on pilot guns used by Haryana Police. Allegations in the petition highlight injuries sustained by farmers due to these firearms, urging authorities to issue instructions banning their use.

Tensions escalate as legal battles unfold, casting a spotlight on the clash between farmer rights and state measures.