Kisan Mela of PAU Ludhiana ended with indelible memories

ByTV10 Punjab

Mar 16, 2024
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March 15
Sandeep Dhand

The Kisan Mela, which lasted for two days in PAU of Ludhiana, ended leaving indelible memories. A large number of farmers attended this fair on the first and second days. There were various machinery and plants for the farmers in the fair. Apart from this, stalls were set up by farmers’ organizations in different districts and cities. Apart from this, apart from different types of seeds, jaggery, pinnias, etc., there was also a special type of honey which was the center of attraction for the people, namely:
Frozen honey: When we talked to Sardar Gurpal Singh ji and got information about this city, he told us that in winter when the crop is ready in Rajasthan, we migrate it and take it there. easily Its birth is a natural or natural quality. He also told that its formation is natural due to the high amount of glucose in it.

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Apart from this, there were plates, rings and clocks of Punjabi language letters A and A on which the native months were written. Apart from this, the sepals of various types of kinnu were kept in the fair. Apart from this, there were different types of plants, and beautiful flowers, trees, and many more. Apart from this, information related to Gurbani was also being obtained in the fair and there were different children’s books to promote Punjabi. Apart from these, there were many food stalls in the fair. Apart from all these things in the fair, there was also a special kind of elderly couple who were doing a special kind of service by giving water to the people. Apart from this, farmers were also honored in the fair. In this way, the fair ended with unforgettable memories.