Know How Dangerous The New Variant Of Covid JN-1 .

ByTV10 Punjab

Dec 28, 2023
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Ludhiana (Sandeep Dhand): The new variant of corona virus has once again become a matter of concern. Kerala has reported several cases of the novel coronavirus variant JN-1. This time, this new variant of Corona has been named JN-1. This new JN-1 variant is described as ‘highly infectious’. In view of the continuous increase in cases, an advisory has also been issued by the Government of India and the World Health Organization for prevention. Experts say that it is more dangerous than influenza. They say that this variant also spreads its feet in winter like the old variant. According to experts, early symptoms of JN-1 include fever, runny nose, sore throat, headache, and in some cases, gastrointestinal problems. Elderly people and people suffering from other diseases should be concerned about it. Apart from this, a person who is prone to infection from respiratory diseases should use a mask. No vaccine has yet been developed to eliminate the JN-1 variant anywhere in the world. Experts say that the booster doses given by the corona virus can only protect for a few months. Apart from this, experts say that you should not share the items of daily use with anyone else. Apart from this, he asked them to wash their hands frequently and also said that if a person is away from home or such place during work, they should wash their hands before and after eating and touching anything. Must be washed with sanitizer. This also reduces the risk. He has asked people to avoid going to crowded places. Apart from this, experts also say that
If any person shows symptoms related to JN-1 variant or any variant of Corona, then without delay, he is asked to consult a good doctor immediately