“Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann’s Big Gift to Ajnala: 220 K Grid and Infrastructure Boost Worth Rs 60 Crore”

ByTV10 Punjab

Feb 5, 2024
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4 February 2024
Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a significant development, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has unveiled a substantial gift for the residents of Ajnala, Punjab, marking a transformative investment in the region’s infrastructure. A massive 220 K grid, costing approximately Rs 35 crore, has been approved and is set to bring a robust and reliable power supply to the constituency.

The newly sanctioned grid comes as a fulfillment of the government’s promise to ensure uninterrupted electricity for the people of Ajnala. Cabinet Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal highlighted the historical context, mentioning that the existing 66 K grid, built 55 years ago, had failed to adapt to the growing population’s needs over the years. Despite the reign of various governments, including Congress and Akali, the essential upgrades were overlooked until now.

Dhaliwal expressed satisfaction with the Chief Minister’s commitment to modernizing the grid, emphasizing the dire need for this upgrade. The new 220 K grid is expected to address longstanding issues and significantly improve electricity distribution in Ajnala.

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In addition to the power grid initiative, the government is allocating Rs 25 crore for the extension of electricity poles in Ajnala constituency, raising their length to 11 meters. This investment aims to enhance the overall efficiency and resilience of the power distribution network in the area.

Highlighting the government’s broader commitment to education, Dhaliwal shared that Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has allocated Rs 27 crore 95 lakh for schools in Ajnala. The funds will support crucial infrastructure improvements, with an initial installment of Rs 7 crore 18 lakh already released for the repair and enhancement of school facilities.

This multi-faceted investment of Rs 60 crore showcases the government’s dedication to addressing critical needs in Ajnala, spanning electricity infrastructure and educational facilities. Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann’s proactive approach marks a turning point for the constituency, promising a brighter future for its residents.