Rahul Gandhi Vows to End Agniveer Yojana, Calls it an Insult to Army

ByTV10 Punjab

May 28, 2024
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Sandeep Dhand Ludhiana

In a passionate address during a public meeting in Bihar, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi vowed to abolish the Agniveer Yojana, criticizing the scheme as an affront to the nation’s military and the aspirations of its youth. His remarks came after a heartfelt interaction with Agniveer Vikas Kumar, whose emotional testimony highlighted the hardships faced by those enrolled in the program.

Rahul Gandhi expressed deep empathy for Kumar and other Agniveers, whose struggles he believes stem from the inherent flaws of the Yojana. “The pain of that brave youth flowed out of his eyes,” Gandhi said, emphasizing the emotional and professional toll the scheme takes on young recruits.

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The Agniveer Yojana, introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, aims to recruit young individuals into the armed forces on a short-term basis. However, critics argue that the scheme undermines the dignity and long-term career prospects of soldiers. Gandhi’s condemnation of the program was unequivocal. “Narendra Modi’s Agniveer Yojana is an insult to the country’s army and the patriotism of the youth,” he declared.

The Congress leader’s pledge to terminate the Yojana if his party comes to power reflects his commitment to addressing these grievances and ensuring equal treatment for all military personnel. “We will not allow two types of martyrs to be created,” Gandhi asserted, signaling his intent to maintain uniform standards and opportunities within the armed forces.

Gandhi’s remarks have resonated with many, particularly in Bihar, where the emotional testimony of Agniveer Kumar has brought the issue into sharp focus. As the political discourse around the Agniveer Yojana intensifies, Gandhi’s stance marks a significant moment in the ongoing debate about the future of military recruitment and the welfare of soldiers in India.

With the upcoming elections, the fate of the Agniveer Yojana and the broader implications for the nation’s defense policies remain a critical issue for voters and policymakers alike.


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